Industry 4.0 - Robotics

We understand the core technologies, market and business characteristics as well as the management and organizational challenges companies face adopting digital and Smart Systems technologies. We strive to generate deep insight into how emergent technologies drive value creation and competitive advantage in our customers. We do extensive research with our academia partners in surgical robots, Health care solutions, Autonomous Mobile Robots for Manufacturing, Retail and E Commerce applications. We focus on solutions based on engineering analytics, AI/ML for predictive diagnostics of industrial equipment which will help our customers to optimise their OPEX and CAPEX.

Smart Buildings, Campus and Cities

We have extensive experience in architecting software platforms for smart buildings. Campuses and cities. We consult our customers in defining the requirements based on their vision and to give an extremely good experience for the occupants of the buildings, campuses and cities. Our holistic solutions and design led innovation process to define the various use cases will help our customer to derive value when they invest on the new green field projects or in upgrading the existing buildings, campuses, or cities. We also do program management for our customers while the project is being conceived and implemented.

Power Electronics & E-Mobility

Our experience in cutting edge technologies and power devices combined with a deep domain understanding of power conversion and motor drives helps our customers to design Power Electronic Products in a very short time which meets global standards at an optimal cost. Our association with semiconductor industries help us to update on latest developments in switching devices and controlling algorithms. We do extensive research on E Mobility in the area of Power Train and Battery Management Systems and on board and Off board Vehicle Chargers. Our differentiators will be the motor control algorithms for various applications based on different motor technologies like ACIM, BLDC, PMSM, SRM, SM and Universal Motors.

Process Improvement Solutions

CreateASoft, Inc. provides dynamic process improvement solutions, leading edge predictive technology, and end-to-end support to a variety of process-based operations dedicated to improving operational efficiency and responsiveness. Our dynamic simulation solution delivers an integrated tool set driving the improvement process from data collection to current state mapping, all the way to an interactive 2D or 3D future state model. All, while providing the necessary analysis and reporting tools needed to support continuous operational improvement.
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