Power Electronics


The Power Electronic Design Solutions needs interdisciplinary expertise and our team of experts have extensive experience in designing power converters, drive systems, Battery management Systems. The expertise is in power stack design, thermal engineering, control software design and application software design. We work with various certification agencies to get the product approved for various standards UL,IEC,CE,CSA etc

The areas we focus are

▪ Electric Power Train
▪ Drives for E Vehicles, HVAC, Industrial
▪ Grid Tied Inverters for Renewables
▪ High Density Power Converters
▪ Battery Management Systems
• LED lighting – Low to High Power
• Wireless Charges
• Programmable Power Source
• Energy Storage Solutions


Our Expertise inclue Power Train, Battery Management Systems and Battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles 2 Wheelrs, 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers. We support power train system design for both on LMVs, Trucks and Buses.


Expertise in drive system design for Electric Vehicles for various types of motors -ACIM/BLDC/PMSM/SRM


Design of Battery Management Systems for various battery chemistries- Lead Acid, Lithium Ion (various chemistries)


Design of on board and offboard chargers for Electric Vehicle. AC and DC chargers, Fast Charging considering long battery life

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