Smart Building/Campus/Cities

Deep understanding of the core technologies, market and business characteristics as well as the management and organizational challenges companies face adopting digital and Smart Campus technologies. We strive to generate deep insight into how emergent technologies drive value creation and competitive advantage in our clients’ businesses through our Digital Led Innovation ( DLI) Process. We help corporate customers to strategize their journey to help improve Building efficiency, speed of services / governance in Smart Cities and stay ahead in competition while the investments towards this journey is kept optimal.

Our strategic and academia partners help us deliver the best solutions that fits the customer for their operational size and maturity


• Consulting for Smart Building/ Campus or Cities
• Identifying the key areas and prioritising
• Identifying the use cases for the customers
• Maximise the Return on Investment (ROI)
• Program Management to Implement the Projects in Phases
• Monitor and Report the benefits to the Management


• Identifying the use cases
• Defining goals
• User Experience
• Identifying sub systems
• Architecting the Platform
• Program Management


• Identifying the use cases
• Campus facilities integration
• User Experience
• Identifying sub systems
• System of Systems Design
• Program Management


• Identifying problem areas
• Smart Governance
• Smart Health
• Digital Infra design
• Identifying sub systems
• System of Systems Design


Unlike competitors, we solve problems requiring BOTH accuracy and real-time response


• Scales for exceptionally large deployments
• Supports multiple solutions
• Tackles real-time problems like safety, security, and efficiency initiatives
• An AI Platform for real-world solutions

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We enable start-ups to be globally competitive
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